August 8, 2022

Tips To Protect Your Social Security Card

In the United States, a Social Security Card is normally issued when a child is born and is an important part of their entire life. One of the ways that thieves can steal identities is by getting the number from this card and using it as their own. Therefore, it is important that you take some measures to protect your SS Card and the cards of your children.

One of the ways that banks and other lenders identify their customers is by the last four digits of a SS number. Memorizing these numbers instead of taking your card out will help you to keep the other digits in the number safe. A thief cannot use a social security number unless they have all 8 of the numbers that are on the card as well as other private information.

Some documents that your receive will have your SS number on them. It is important that you destroy these documents before throwing them away. It is also important to keep your documents in a safe place in your home that a burglar would not be able to get to through random theft.

The number on your SS Card will be directly linked to your retirement when you are older. Therefore, it will be important that no one use the number for any reason. If your card is stolen, it is important to report it immediately to the Social Security Administration. They will issue you a new number and transfer all of your information to the new card so that you will not be negatively impacted by the thief.

It is also important to contact any creditors and other businesses where your SS number has been used. The computer has made this number very important for most businesses and healthcare facilities. When the number is stolen, not only your credit, but also your entire life can be significantly disrupted.

Keeping your SS Card, birth certificate, passport and other important documents together and kept in a safe deposit box or other secure location will help you to protect your identity and will make it easy to find these important items when you need them. Carrying your SS Card in your wallet or bag is not wise because if your bag is stolen, the thief will have everything they need to steal your identity and get credit to make major purchases.

When you have children, it will be important to store their private information in a safe place until they leave home. In some cases parents keep their children’s important documents well into adulthood, making it easy for the young adult that may not have settled into a career and life to access these documents when needed.

By taking proper precautions to protect your Social Security Card, you will be less likely to have issues with stolen identity and theft. It is important that you do not provide this information to anyone requesting the information on the internet. Many cyber-thieves solicit personal information through email posing as a legitimate organization. If you have any doubts about a request for information, contact the organization personally and make sure that they have requested the information.

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