August 8, 2022

All About Your Social Security Number

Your social security number is one piece of personal information that should be protected at all costs. If this falls into the wrong hands then you could be the victim of identity theft. People can use this number to get credit cards and many other things in your name and based on your credit history.

Social Security Number

This government issued number is a must have for many things in life. It is used to determine your eligibility for this such as employment and government benefits. Government benefits include, but are not limited to, social services and even your retirement benefits.

You must have a social security card with your number on it to apply for a driver’s license. This is often required for purposes such as to file your yearly income taxes. If you try to open a bank account or a new line of credit then they will also ask for a copy of your social security card. Virtually anything you do that requires proof of who you are will first require this number.

This number should always be kept in a secure place. Never throw away any mail or papers than have your number printed on them. If it falls into the wrong hands then they could do serious damage to your credit and you could end up being responsible for bills put in your name. Never enter your number online unless you are sure the site you are on is secure.

A new card can be obtained from your local social security office. Proper identification will be required. A driver’s license is preferred but you may also use a pass port or other legal proof of your identity. If you are applying for a copy of your child’s card then you must have school records or documents as well as proof of your identity.

If you need a card with only the name changed then you will usually be required to provide proof of identity along with documentation that your name has legally changed. This may include a copy of your marriage license or divorce papers to return to your maiden name. Adoption papers or a court decree may be required to change a child’s name on their card.

Each number is unique and you can only have one. Every United States born citizen is required to have a social security number and you can apply for one for your child as soon as they are born. This will be how they are identified by the government for the rest of their lives. It should also be noted that there is a limit to the number of free copies you can receive in a lifetime.

This one number is the most important number you will ever have. When you apply for a mortgage, car loan, or any type of government service this is one of the first things you will be asked for. Once they have this number they can literally bring up your life history. If you have questions regarding this then contact your local social security office for information. This information may also be found online through some government websites.

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